Since Google thinks it's ok to delete blog posts arbitrarily, I decided to change the blog platform so please update your bookmarks.

All new content will be posted only at Tumblr. The new site still needs some tweaking but it's up and running. See you on the other side.


Big Bang Big Boom

I bought an apartment recently and I've been renovating it like crazy so I haven't had any time for blogging but don't worry, I'll be back soon. In the meantime you can entertain yourselves by watching Blu's amazing video Big Bang Big Boom and listen to a massive Tom Moulton banger.


Idris Muhammad - Hard To Face Music

I found an ancient jazz-funk mixtape I had recorded years ago while I was going through a stack of old CD-Rs that had been lying in the shelves for ages. The tape kicks off with Idris Muhammad's massive Hard To Face Music. I remember going crazy for this back in the day and it still does the trick for me.

To me Idris Muhammad is one of the greatest drummers ever. Always executing with his own unique style and top notch quality. I don't know why haven't I listened to classic jazz-funk albums for ages but it's definitely time for a proper CTI marathon this weekend.


Francis Lai - Number One

Francis Lai is a French composer behind many great film scores such classics as A Man And A Woman and Emmanuelle 2 to name a few. Le Corps De Mon Ennemi is a killer soundtrack to a great movie. The soundtrack is packed with great funk with some nice prog rock flavors in the mix. It also has a deep and soulful masterpiece hidden between the heavy jazz funk cuts. Number One has such an inevitable groove and somehow the tune manages to create a nasty but classy mood at the same time. This would make a perfect intro for a Sunday soul mixtape. Enjoy!

Francis Lai - Number One [320 kbps, DivShare]


Madleen Kane - Cherchez Pas

I've had Cherchez Pas on heavy rotation lately. It's a superb foot stomper by a Swedish model, disco diva and an all around cool girl Madleen Kane.

Kane might be best known for her hit You Can b/w Fire In My Heart, produced by the one and only Giorgio Moroder but Cherchez Pas easily tops both of these. There are at least three 12" versions of Cherchez Pas and it also appears on her 1980 album, Sounds Of Love.

Cherchez Pas can be also found on Horse Meat Disco's excellent second mix packed with underground disco and italo heatness.

Madleen Kane - Cherchez Pas [320 kbps, DivShare]