Sweet Thunder - Everybody's Singin' Love Songs

The spring is here and Sweet Thunder's 1978 classic Everybody's Singin' Love Songs is a perfect soundtrack for a day like this. A great soulful disco tune from Philly produced by Larry James. It's a lovely foot stomping track and what's even better is that the 12" is fairly cheap and easy to obtain.

Sweet Thunder - Everybody's Singin' Love Songs


Little Beaver - Party Down

Little Beaver is best known as a guitarist on many great releases by TK Records but his solo material deserves some attention as well. I've always digged When Was The Last Time but lately I've been listening to Party Down a lot. It's an album full of great jazzy soulful tunes. Little Beaver's guitar creates an amazing groove that takes you through the whole album. The back up artists on the album are really strong as well, the best of the Miami soul scene.

Little Beaver - Party Down [320 kbps, direct link]

Little Beaver - I Can Dig It Baby [320 kbps, direct link]


Mr. Magic - Potential 1980 (Curtis Vodka's White Light Orchestra Edit)

I'm in the process of moving to another city. It's great to have a chance to move to a bigger city but the packing processs is a really schitty task. Anyways, while I was going through my stuff without getting anything done I found an unfamiliar looking USB memory stick. To my surprise it contained quite a few decent edits and some old blog house. The most positive surprise was Curtis Vodka's edit of Mr. Magic's Potential 1980, the holy grail of early disco rap. The ultra rare early Tony Pearson tune is a killer and so is the edit with 11 minutes of non-stop disco heat. It might be that this one's all over the blogosphere but at least I had slept on it so here you go.

Mr. Magic - Potential 1980 (Curtis Vodka's White Light Orchestra Edit) [320 kbps, direct link]