Madleen Kane - Cherchez Pas

I've had Cherchez Pas on heavy rotation lately. It's a superb foot stomper by a Swedish model, disco diva and an all around cool girl Madleen Kane.

Kane might be best known for her hit You Can b/w Fire In My Heart, produced by the one and only Giorgio Moroder but Cherchez Pas easily tops both of these. There are at least three 12" versions of Cherchez Pas and it also appears on her 1980 album, Sounds Of Love.

Cherchez Pas can be also found on Horse Meat Disco's excellent second mix packed with underground disco and italo heatness.

Madleen Kane - Cherchez Pas [320 kbps, DivShare]


Benny Golson - I'm Always Dancin' To The Music

I got myself a new soundsystem at home and I've been testing it with Benny Golson's I'm Always Dancin' To The Music. I just love everything about this tune, well the intro isn't right up my alley but everything else sure is. Let's hope my neighbours also enjoy this 90 bpm jam with amazing energy, great saxophone action by mr. Golson, beautiful vocals by Maxine Willard Waters and especially those horn stabs. Though the intro doesn't do justice to the tune and some of the bridges might be hard for the dancefloor, this is THE JAM. Too bad the rest of the album is nowhere near as good as the title track. Of course you can always go for the 12" but it's rare and trades as high as $500.


Kellee Patterson - I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More, Baby

I'm visiting my hometown for a couple of days and of course I had to go through my old digging spots. So there I was going through the crates of a flea market expecting to find nothing special, just the usual worn out schlager albums and K-Tel disco compilations and then suddenly boom, a near mint conditioned Turn On The Lights by Kellee Patterson and right next to it a near mint conditioned Kellee by Kellee Patterson. Priced at 2 euros each I couldn't believe my luck. Well, this is the reason one should keep digging though the results usually are pretty thin.

Both albums have a bunch of strong cuts but the standout joint is the brilliant Barry White cover of I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More, Baby. It's the opening track of Kellee and can be also found as a shorter version 7" single and a 7" Jazzman re-issue with a full album version. Enjoy and keep digging.

Kellee Patterson - I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More, Baby [320 kbps, DivShare]


The Controllers - Stay

Stay by The Controllers is a smooth and nasty groove with an epic intro and a mind blowing bass line from 1986. You can't go wrong when you play this and Intimate Connection back to back and then drop in Dance (Don't Geek).


Old School Party Flyers

I came across to Toledo Hip Hop, a site that has conserved and scanned a huge pile of early 1980's party flyers. Great looking stuff that must have taken shitloads of skills and passion from the artists to put together since it's mostly handicraft. Put the needle on your Enjoy Records classics and start browsing. Here's a rock solid classic from 1980 to get things started.


Ron Preyer - If You Don't Want My Love

I guess it's the fact that autumn is just around the corner but I have been really feeling deep and mellow soul cuts lately after a great summer filled with uptempo boogie and house. If You Don't Want My Love by Ron Preyer has been one of the tunes that has been in heavy rotation this week. It's an obscure, heartbreakingly beautiful two stepper from 1978 released by Shock Records.

Ron Preyer was part of The Younghearts, a truly underrated early seventies vocal harmony soul group from Los Angeles. I'm not familiar with his career besides this 7". According to Discogs he didn't record anything else as a solo artist. He definitely should have. If You Don't Want My Love is such a strong cut and so is the flipside of the 7". If there's something else worth checking out, please let me know.