Prime Time - I Owe It To Myself

This one right is THE JAM. Such a perfect tune for Fridays. I know it's Thursday but it's Midsummer's Eve tomorrow here in Finland. This means that I'm heading to the countryside today in order to relax, eat well and eventually get wasted and this gem by Prime Time will definitely be the theme song of the weekend.
I owe it to myself,
I gotta get on up,
And have myself a real good time

Prime Time - I Owe It To Myself [320 kbps, DivShare]


Roberta Gilliam - All I Want Is My Baby

Roberta Gilliam's All I Want Is My Baby is a massive slow burner from 1985. A deep, classy joint written and produced by the one and only Keith Sweat. For a while the 12" used to be a bit pricey but I guess it isn't as rare as people thought since I've seen clean copies trade regularly under ten bucks.

I was looking for some info on Roberta Gilliam but just as before I wasn't able to find anything beyond tracklists featuring All I Want Is My Baby so I guess she was a one hit wonder. What I found though was Proto One, a solid mix of 80's soul and boogie cuts mixed by Niles & Baggy. Definitely worth a listen.

Roberta Gilliam - All I Want Is My Baby [320 kbps, DivShare]


Sugarhill Gang - Hot Hot Summer Day

This is such a feel good classic and it goes great with the weather. I included Theo Parrish's version from 2003 as well. Though the re-edit goes quite far from the original it keeps the Roy Ayers-ish summer groove to it and it the edit goes heavy on one of my all time favorite Sugarhill lines: Freak Freak Da Funk Funk Funk Da Freak Da The Funk Funk Fuuunk.


Googie & Tom Coppola - Missing Love

I was watching this video clip of Kon and Amir picking up records at a store and chatting about their selections. It's a nice clip, nothing special but I always enjoy watching these and the choices Kon and Amir made were brilliant. I could have bought all the records except for Missing Love by Googie & Tom Coppola since I already have that one. It's a lovely, mellow soul joint with a great groove.

Just like Kon says on the video, the promo 12" of Missing Love and especially Shine The Light Of Love are rare and tend to be a bit pricey but I've seen this Columbia 12" quite often with a reasonable price tag so keep your eyes open for that one if you're into quality early 80's soul.

Googie & Tom Coppoloa - Missing Love [320 kbps, DivShare]