J.P.'s Force - Time To Throw Down

I'm sure you all know the Amen Break by The Winstons but what I didn't know is that that Joe Phillips, one of the founding members of The Winstons, put together a boogie band called J.P.'s Force in the 1980's, rocked dancefloors around Maryland and cut a killer album with the band.

Sensational Records released the album as a very limited local (Washington D.C.) print in 1986. These days the original LP trades for as high as USD 200 but thanks to Peoples Potential Unlimited I'm aware of this obscurity and able to buy the title track Time To Throw Down b/w another boogie banger Shake What You Got as an affordable but good quality 7".

J.P.'s Force - Time To Throw Down [320 kbps, DivShare]


The Dells - Adventure (No Way Back Pt. 2)

Two massive disco edits from the masters themselves. Ron Hardy and DJ Harvey have done quite similar edits of The Dell's amazing tune Adventure (No Way Back Pt. 2). The original cut and a couple of other tunes by The Dells were used as a soundtrack for Fred Williamson's great blaxploitation movie No Way Back and released in 1976 on The Dell's hard to find album No Way Back.

Ron Hardy edited and played his version before Harvey did his version though I don't think that's the point here or with other disco edits. Of course Ron Hardy deserves credit for his innovative edit but in the end most of the credit from great edits should go to the original artists, in this case The Dells.

I don't know for sure if Ron Hardy's edit has been officially released before his nephew put out the Muzic Box Classics in 2007. The version I'm sharing is taken from an unofficial German release a few years back (2004). Harvey's edit is taken from the first release of Black Cock Records (1993).

Oh, almost forgot to mention that Ugly Edits Vol. 5 features Theo Parrish's edit of No Way Back. It's not on the same level with these two but still good.

Mytic Slot - No Way Back [320 kbps, DivShare]


Flora Wilson - Extended Daydream

I came across to a file entitled "Extended Daydream" while I was organizing unsorted/untitled mp3s. It took me a while to ID the tune but halfway through the track I realized that it's an edit of Flora Wilson's Dancing On A Daydream.

I couldn't find the original release on Discogs let alone info of an edit and I can't remember where have I gotten this so the origins of the edit are unclear to me. I listened carefully to my copy of the original and came to a conclusion that it's a blend of the original vocal and instrumental versions that extends the tune from both ends. I'm pretty sure Dancing On A Daydream was only released as a 7" so there shouldn't be a longer album version etc. If you have info on this, please educate me.

Anyways, this is a sweet groover that kicks off the weekend nicely. Too bad the sound source used for the edit seems to have been worn out and therefore the sound quality is a bit shabby.

Flora Wilson - Extended Daydream [320 kbps, DivShare]


Marvin Gaye - I've Got My Music

It's been a while since the last time I watched Marvin Gaye: Transit Ostend but today I was pleased to notice that its' available through Google Video. Transit Ostend a.k.a. Remember Marvin (by Richard Oliver) is a film about the 18 months Gaye lived in Ostend, Belgium trying to get his body and mind clear and writing his comeback album Midnight Love.

It's not the greatest documentary when it comes to portraying the delicate and difficult time Gaye was going through. Regardless of some shortcomings the documentary is unique and contains priceless footage of Marvin jamming/rehearsing and a painfully emotional scene of him singing the Lord's Prayer (just after the 35 minute mark).

I've Got My Music (original vocal version of Turn On Some Music) from the Midnight Love sessions seems like a perfect song to describe his situation at the time and his battle between good faith and bad habits. At the same time it shows why Marvin is the G.O.A.T.

Marvin Gaye - I've Got My Music [320 kbps, DivShare]


St. Tropez - I Want To Do Something Freaky To You

There are some decent cover versions of Leon Haywood's classic cut but the re-make by St. Tropez is hands down the best I've come across. Deep female vocals, great nasty vocoder chorus, intense strings and THE bass line take this track right there next to the original. Too bad the track ends too early just before the four minute mark. I would really love to hear them go all the way freakish with this one.

St. Tropez - I Want To Do Something Freaky To You [320 kbps, DivShare]


Michael Wycoff - Looking Up To You

The Revenge's massive slow-mo house rework of Michael Wycoff's rare groove classic Looking Up To You was in heavy rotation in 2009 and now it's finally on vinyl thanks to MCDE, the finest label of the scene. The flipside of the release features a remix of the rework by Grooveman Spot but I have to say that this version isn't exactly my cup of tea but thanks to the nicely teasing, looped out killer a-side, this 12" is a must have. Go get your copy from a quality record store.

The original cut might be on many rare groove compilation rips circulating the web but just in case it isn't, here's a good quality rip for you to get your swing on.