Sugarhill Gang - Hot Hot Summer Day

This is such a feel good classic and it goes great with the weather. I included Theo Parrish's version from 2003 as well. Though the re-edit goes quite far from the original it keeps the Roy Ayers-ish summer groove to it and it the edit goes heavy on one of my all time favorite Sugarhill lines: Freak Freak Da Funk Funk Funk Da Freak Da The Funk Funk Fuuunk.


Rodrigo López "Donny" said...

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Shawn Ryan said...

This cut is excellent! I'm surprised I've never heard this before. Thanks!

Ernest said...

Would you mind uploading the files to mediafire please? divshare has forbidden me to download it because of the region that I belong to. Thanks a lot indeed.

Milton Van Houten said...


I wasn't aware of DivShare's area restrictions. Hopefully they won't ruin a good service with this sort of stuff.