Ron Preyer - If You Don't Want My Love

I guess it's the fact that autumn is just around the corner but I have been really feeling deep and mellow soul cuts lately after a great summer filled with uptempo boogie and house. If You Don't Want My Love by Ron Preyer has been one of the tunes that has been in heavy rotation this week. It's an obscure, heartbreakingly beautiful two stepper from 1978 released by Shock Records.

Ron Preyer was part of The Younghearts, a truly underrated early seventies vocal harmony soul group from Los Angeles. I'm not familiar with his career besides this 7". According to Discogs he didn't record anything else as a solo artist. He definitely should have. If You Don't Want My Love is such a strong cut and so is the flipside of the 7". If there's something else worth checking out, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

Great site!
Found one more

Idar - oslonerdarmy.no

Laurent - Clap Yo Handz said...

Thanx a lot, dope love ballad!