Bounce Camp - Big Dancin

The hardest rocking party collective/dj team at the moment is without a doubt Top Billin. Besides throwing great parties, they have also actively released some amazing EP's.

They recently released six party anthems on a 12" called Sexytime EP. The tracks on the record are great but what really impressed me was the moment when I first pulled out the record from the sleeve and realized that it's pressed on PINK VINYL. If you ask me, that's sexy. Here's a little treat from the EP. Big Dancin is a certified banger by Bounce Camp.

Bounce Camp - Big Dancin [320 kbps, zShare]

I also got a request to make. Gil-Scott Heron & Brian Jackson's album 1980 features a dope track called Willing. Top Billin sampled studiously this track which appears on this EP. Both tracks are off the hook but I don't have the original on vinyl plus I only have a crappy quality file of the song. So if you happen to have a good quality file, I would appreciate if you could send it to me via my dropbox or email.

Top Billin - Willing [320 kbps, zShare]

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