Hörselmat - Right On

Nice video clips that I had slept on. How great would it be to go crate digging with Kon & Amir. If you watched the videos you might remember Amir telling a story in the beginning (2:00-2:30 min) of the latter video about a record he bought for 500 bucks. He was having difficulties pronouncing the artist. It spells Hörselmat. Yep, you try pronounce it. I wonder where he got the information about the album cover saying "If there's someone selling this one for over 20 SEK (about 2 USD) don't buy it", because the text on the cover art is in Swedish. Anyhow, it was a funny story at least for Swedish speaking people.

Well, the song is really tight and the album is really rare so Amir spent his money right. The track made it to the CD version of Kon & Amir's compilation Off Track - Volume 1: The Bronx. If you dig the track, the whole album seems to available for dowload here so go get it.

Hörselmat - Right On [320 kbps, zShare]


Fred said...

Ha ha! Well, ya....it was kinda funny. He's talking about Jan Schaffer (more commonly known as Janne Schaffer here in Sweden), one of the gitt guys used by Abba. Schaffer is still around. This was made in 78 together with Jeff Porcaro (+): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Xbf03hSvi8

Note the name "Earmeal" - that's what Hörselmat should become said in English :)

Ben_G2 said...

This track has been sampled by Queen Latifah for "Fly Girl" (1991) ;)

Milton Van Houten said...

That's true. You don't hear Fly Girl these days very often.

Anonymous said...

Old thread this... anyways, Hörselmat was originally only pressed in 200 copies making it pretty rare. However, this year this record is reissued in a limited edition, 1000 numbered copies, in Sweden. A few copies has found there way to ebay and are up for grabs. http://tinyurl.com/horselmat