Jill Scott - Golden (Kenny Dope Official Remix)

I love Jill Scott and I admire Kenny Dope so when you put these two together you'll have to end up with something extraordinary. And you do; this Dopewax 12" features amazing Kenny Dope remixes of Golden and Not Like Crazy. The record came out in 2005 but it still feels fresh. Original versions of these two songs are from Jill Scott's album Beautifully Human.


Alexkaa said...

What's man. Listen love what your doing with this blog here.

Can you do me a huuuuge favor and re-upload these Kenny Dope remixes of Golden. Heard them a couple of times in the past and have been trying to get my hands on them ever since.

Keep up the good work.


Milton Van Houten said...

I re-upped these and added a new remix.