The Alexander Review - I Want You

Today's post is a great latin funk version of I Want You (She's So Heavy). The arrangement is completely different from the original which in this case is a must. I really can't tell a lot about The Alexander Review (neither could discogs or allmusic) but I guess it's enough that I'm really feeling the track. It appears on the band's self-titled album released by Vaya Records in 1975. The song can also be found on Latin Breakbeat, Basslines & Boogaloo, an excellent compilation issued by Harmless Records.

You probably know (at least you should) that the song is written by THE duo Lennon-McCartney. The original version that appears on Abbey Road is one of my all time favorite Beatles' song. For some reason it's a bit underrated, I guess mostly due to it's length that doesn't make the song very radio friendly. Anyways, it's a massive song.


Jesse Alfonso said...

This group was created by Pianist Mark Alexander Diamond..bka Markolino Diamond, who was at one point Hector Lavoe and Willie Colon's pianist. He had formed this band and actually provided vocals and piano to it, the only problem was that it was considered a commercial faliure, rumor has it that due to that problem and his drug problem this kept him away from recording studios.

Milton Van Houten said...

^Knowledge dropped. Thanks for the info Jesse.


Anonymous said...

Its already gone?