Rusko - Jahova

Rusko's Essential Mix 12/13 (BBC's Radio 1) from last Saturday is amazing. These tunes kick you in the gut and it feels great. If you're into dubstep, you're probably already aware of this and though you're not usually feeling dubstep, you might want to take a listen. And don't go easy on the bass, your neighbors will understand...not.

EDIT: Just noticed that the mix with a complete tracklist is also available for download at newmixes.com.

And here's my favorite Rusko tune Jahova from the 2x12" Bablyon: Volume 1 (2007, Sub Soldiers Records). It's a massive dubstep version of Rebel MC's Jahovia.

Rusko - Jahova [320 kbps]


Miig said...

big up!


Disco D said...


i'll buy the album when it's released on cd :)

The Mantis said...

the Rusko remix of Kid Sister's "Pro Nails" is FIRE as well. Hypemachine that one!....

RvS said...

Determination Tune! Poppa Scratch Fling-Star!