Going Back To My Roots

Lamont Dozier might be better known as one of the best song writers of Motown's early days penning classic songs among others for The Temptations and The Four Tops with his brother Brian Dozier and Eddie Holland. Their production trio was even introduced to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Dozier has also released excellent stuff as a solo artist. He wrote Going Back To My Roots for his solo album Peddlin' Music On The Side. This song has been really special to me for a long time. It starts with this amazing piano riff and gradually builds up and than...BOOM! "Zipping up my boots, going back to my roots." This really tears the roof off.

Odyssey made a cover version of Going Back To My Roots in 1981, about four years after Dozier's cut. This one is one of my favorites as well. It's a bit more disco-ish but still keeps things real and rocks the dancefloor for sure.

Odyssey - Going Back To My Roots [320 kbps, direct link]

Oh yeah, almost forgot that there's a third great version of Going Back To My Roots by Richie Havens.


84/85 said...

this really is such an incredible blog. thanks for the diligence!

djwafflehouse said...

my god this is the greatest song i have ever heard.



you say it ,

this is a indestructible sound !!

ultra big ref for all

the dj in the universe ;;;

for me Lamont Dozier ,

the original stay the best

with this envouting piano !

Kristina said...

I love this song!! My friend plays it when he djs to finish off the night...it so awesome loud! Interesting note i found a youtube video of rich havens saying he WROTE it.
Also found another video of him and Groove Armada performing it concert!