Boogiehumppahommia Vol. 1

I should've been working my ass off but instead I did a really quick mix of boogie/disco tunes that I've been feeling lately. I'm not much of a dj so the beatmatching might be a bit sloppy at times but all the tracks are killers, no fillers. Enjoy and let me know what you think. I guess a complete tracklist would nice. Maybe I'll add it later. At least these ones appear on the mix.

Boogie Baby - Dee One
I Wish You Would [Edit] - Jocelyn Brown
Blame It On The Boogie [Re-Booged] - The Jacksons
Love Is What You Need [Pure P Edit] - LTD
I Want Your Lovin' - Curtis Hairston
I'm Your Superman [Disco Mix] - Jan Leslie Holmes
Under The Influence Of Love [Tee Scott Remix] - Karin Jones

Boogiehumppahommia Vol. 1 [192 kbps, DivShare]


Leon said...

hey buddy, don't be too modest here. it's a great mix and you've shown some mad photoshop skillz with the cover art. lol.

Leon said...

i forgot to ask what's with the name? please to translate?

Anonymous said...

Love this mix.. definately will put it into my rotation.

- David Enzo

gs said...

Agree with previous commenter!

Anonymous said...

impresive, it makes you wanna dance :)))

Anonymous said...

the first track i know from a R&B track. well, a great blog!! Go on!
the most important is a good taste. and you definetly have one.

vuoksenniska said...

The title is just GREAT :-))
oh, the mix is good too....