Glenn Jones appreciation

Today has been a Glenn Jones Appreciation Day. I've been listening to this smooth cat for hours so I just dropped in to share two of my favorite cuts from the guy.

The first track is the instrumental version of his best known cut I Am Somebody. Not much of Glenn Jones' vocals here but it's a super tight boogie joint produced by Robert Wright. I'm sure the vocal version is all over the place so no need for me to post it.

The second joint, Everlasting Love, is the strongest track of Glenn Jones' excellent 1984 album Finesse. Great, smooth soulful midtempo burner that really brings his excellent voice to the spotlight.

Glenn Jones - Everlasting Love [320 kbps, DivShare]


Toni said...

You're on point here mate. I just bought Finesse. A great album with many good tracks. Thanks for the instrumental of I Am Somebody. Hard as ****

Anonymous said...

I've been loving this gem since the 80's :)

Thks for the instrumental

Ur link for Everlasting Love goes to I am Somebody (Instrumental) Brother....

Milton Van Houten said...

Links corrected. Thank for pointing that out.