Milton Van Houten - Love Attack Vol. 2

I recorded a sequel for my early 2010 mix, Love Attack. Volume 2 takes of a bit smoother with deep 80's soul cuts before getting into foot stomping boogie. Things go as usual, lots of familiar cuts from the blog with other quality joints to go with them. All mixed with love, not skills, so bear with me.

Love Attack Vol. 2 - Milton Van Houten by Boogie Banger

The first Love Attack mix is now also available for download at SoundCloud so grab it if you haven't already.


emilio said...

damn son, dope mix. tracklist?

Milton Van Houten said...

Emilio, here's the complete tracklist that comes with the downloadable version of the mix.

Title: Love Attack Vol. 2
Mixed by: Milton Van Houten
Total run time: 00:47:11


01 James Bradley - I Can't Get Enough Of Your Love [T.K.]
02 Roberta Gilliam - All I Want Is My Baby [Sutra]
03 Michael Wycoff - Looking Up To You [RCA]
04 Lew Kirton - Talk To Me [Believe In A Dream]
05 Breakwater - No Limit [Arista]
06 Lisa Richards - Hooked On Your Love [Special K]
07 Dee One - Boogie Baby [Kojak Giant Sound]
08 Melba Moore - Love's Coming At Ya [DJ B.Cause Edit]
09 Sparque - Take Some Time [West End]
10 The Funkacise Gang - Funkacise [GRP]
11 Leon Haywood - I'm Out To Catch [Casablanca]
12 Fonda Rae - Tuch Me [Streetwave]
13 Can-Dee - Lucky Day [Kee Wee]

verystupidhead said...

MMMMMM blowin' my hair back nice one Senor !!!

heartbeatsandheartbreaks said...

absolutely smitten with this milton, can't wait for volume 3..