Karen Silver - Nobody Else

I've been gone for a while but now the holidays are over and I'm back in action with the blog. During my summer vacation I took a nice and long trip to Barcelona. Such a beautiful city with tons of cool things to see and to do. Of course I had to find time to check out some record stores of the city. I only went through five stores all located near MACBA. All the stores had something for me and these are quite close to each other so they can be checked out conveniently also during a shorter visit.

Here's couple of random treats I bought from Barcelona. One of the best finds of the trip was Karen Silver's classy boogie joint Nobody Else. I was looking for this for a long time but for some weird reason I never came across to cheap copy until now.

Karen Silver - Nobody Else [320 kbps, DivShare]

Another huge favorite of mine that was missing from my collection for far too long is Space Bass by Slick. I'm more then delighted to have this deep disco monster from 1979 in my record shelves.

Slick - Space Bass [320 kbps, DivShare]

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