Rhyze - Just How Sweet Is Your Love

Just How Sweet Is Your Love is a superb soulful bouncing boogie jam with a killer bass line. Some might argue that classic Motown-ish soul vocals don't go together with early 80's boogie sound and usually I might agree but not in this case. The track is just wonderful as it is and definitely needs the vocals.

The single version originally released by SAM Records should be cheap and easy to find and the album is not a bad buy either. Lots on nice smoother cuts and some good dancefloor heaters (e.g. Do Your Dance with Jim Burgess on the mix).

Rhyze - Just How Sweet Is Your Love [320 kbps, DivShare]


DJ SD Vega said...

nice track!!! was this sampled by louis la roche?? or soemone else recently? sounds very familiar

DJ SD Vega said...

hahah R. Kelly - Be My #2.. my bad.

thx for posting