Coffee Breaks, pt. 1

I decided to start a series of posts called Coffee Breaks. The concept is pretty obvious (who's sampling who etc.) but I'll try to keep the content of the posts fresh.

The original song is from Ernie Hines' LP Electrified. The album was released by We Produce Records in 1972. At least I haven't seen any reissues so the album is really hard to find but definitely worth the trouble.

In the early 90's Soul Brother #1 Pete Rock spotted Our Generation while making beats for Mecca And The Soul Brother and used it for Straighten It Out. BTW, I used to have a nice unreleased vocal mix of Straighten It Out on my HD but I can't find it anywhere. Get at me if you happen to have it.

Ernie Hines - Our Generation [320 kbps, zShare]

Pete Rock with his MPC

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