Soundtrack of a summer day

Thought I would share a tune or tune for a good summer day. I suggest you should start your day with Huba, a Helsinki based retro-soul ensemble.

Huba - Summer Morn [320 kbps, zShare]

You need some music while sunbathing, aight? The most obvious but at the same time the most proper song for the occasion is of course Everybody Loves The Sunshine. The original is by far the most mellow song ever made. I've heard a lot of edits and covers, some pretty good, some ...uh... not. Hopefully this version with ms. Badu works for you.

When you want to get your groove on you might want to feel some latin flavoured beats. Echosystem is a 7-member fresh latin groove machine from Finland. GAMM Enterprises has put out a whole lot of songs suitable for this post but the one that makes people crazy on the dancefloor is Karameller.

Echosystem - Alpha [320 kbps, zShare]

Dubben - Karameller [320 kbps, zShare]

After a hot night out you have hopefully found someone to get down with. When it comes to baby making music you can always turn to Leroy Hutson.

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