Coffee Breaks, pt. 2

When I started this series of post I promised to keep the content fresh because the concept is not so original. Well I'm gonna eat my words right away by posting two classics familiar to many. I've been feeling late 80's rap a lot lately and I'm always in the mood for tight drum breaks.

I found Blow Your Whistle back in the day on this compilation from a small public library and went crazy about the break. Of course later I had to get a copy of Salt Of The Earth. You know the story...I had heard everybody sampling Ashley's Roachclip but I had never heard the original song.

I've always liked Dropping Rhymes On Drums which was the lead single of Def Jef's debut album Just A Poet With Soul. It might be thanks to Etta James on the vocals. She really brings the soul to the track. In the early days of rap old school soul people weren't really into hip hop nor working with rap artists but on this track it seems to work out fine.

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