Malinga Five - Kaloule Woman

I've been banging this track on repeat for a while now. I don't know much about the guys behind this tune but what I do know is that they rock. Phukin' amazing stuff with great afrobeat elements, funky wah-wah guitars and great soulful vocals. If this doesn't make you dance, I advice you to see a doctor. There's something wrong with your hips.

The song appears on Rock Africa, an album produced by Alan Shelly, who worked a lot with Manu Dibango. It was released in 1977 by a French label, Barclay, known for issuing a lot of Fela Kuti's material.


NickyD said...

awesome track. plz, post more of this stuff. u got a great blog. keep it up man.

Milton Van Houten said...

Thanks for the feedback! I'm not a connoisseur of afrobeat so I can't promise to post anything special you hadn't heard before but you never know. I might for example do a Fela Kuti megapost someday.