Paul Nice - Journey To The Centre Of The Beats

Paul Nice is one of those talented DJs/producers that are consistently putting out excellent stuff but never get enough props for their work. If you aren't familiar with Paul Nice you got a lot of listening to do. Check out his excellent mixtapes Soul On The Grill vol 1 & 2, Sade Blends, Breaks For Days...the list is long.

The tracks that I'm sharing today are taken from Journey To The Centre Of The Beats released by Antidote Records in 2004. The mixtape contains some freestyles, blends and remixes. It's not as soild as Paul Nice's other stuff but the dubbed remix/mash-up of The Message impressed me back in the day and it still works for me. It really takes balls to change the beats of a Grandmaster Flash joint but Paul Nice pulls it off in style.

Videos courtesy of MTV's music search.


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hurdy girdle said...

paul nice
an oxycontin addict who has, in the last couple years, stolen a TON of money from a TON of good people.
its a shame b/c he made a lot of really great music and was great on the wheels.

Milton Van Houten said...

I wasn't aware of his situation. It really takes you down when you see the consequences of an addiction.

Anonymous said...

Thank for your music man!! very Best wesite!!!