Resense 006 12"

So far an Austrian label RESENSE has released eight EP's of great re-edits, mashups and other amazing funky latin stuff. RESENSE 006 is a 12" that consists of four latin flavored bossa brekabeat dancefloor monsters by The Captain, Sono Rhizmo, Palov & Mishkin and Mario's Tuna. I used to listen to this EP a lot last summer and now that the weather is cold, wet and gloomy at the headquarter of boogiebanger.blogspot.com it reminds me of those days in the sun and keeps me going.


gaston monescu said...

yeah, resense is awesome. the latin breakbeat shit rules

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Groovy! Have you "Shantisan- Bring Back The Bossa Rock" from the Resense 8? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

RESENSE = the truth. thank you so much for posting these.