Big Daddy Kane - The Lover In You

After yesterday's post I remembered the last track of Prince Of Darkness. It's a nice skit with a great break from Don't Let Love Get You Down where Kane's long time DJ/producer Mister Cee grabs the mic.

While I'm at it, I might as well post another tune from Kane's 1991 LP Prince Of Darkness. The Lover In You was huge back in the day. It's smooth as silk and great for educational purposes. It was Big Daddy Kane and T-Ski Valley who taught me all I need to know about ladies.

Big Daddy Kane - The Lover In You [320 kbps, direct link]


Disco D said...

Good to hear these again :)

For the sample spotters...

The Lover In You utilizes Prince "Pop Life" (from 'Around The World In A Day")
With additional vocals sung by Al B. Sure!

"Mister Cee's Remix" of the same song, sampled Loose Ends "Hanging On A String". The 'sung' vocals weren't in the right key for the sample but, it was forgivable as it was cool to hear BDK ride the Loose Ends break. Dopeness.

Broadway said...

I recently discovered your blog, and I am glad I did...you've got alot of great music here.

Thanks for sharing "the heat" it's "smokinghot" :)

Good Music to ya!

From The Bay State...
DJ Broadway