The Firebolts - Everybody Party (Get Down)

I don't seem to have a lot to say about this one but I'll share it anyways. I believe it's on 45 only. It's a nice and warm uptempo boogie/funk tune with a great beat and a nice organic not so polished sound. Hum Along Song on the flipside makes me also stomp my feet.

Kon has done a great extended edit of Everybody Party. Make sure to cop it on a 12" b/w L.A. Will Make You Pay by Burton Inc. or as a mp3 from his blog.


r. said...

fantastic record and amazing blog! please never stop! giant thanks for music and inspiration!!!


Disco D said...

great record.

is that bass guitar out of tune on the intro?!

this record has been cut off-centre.
can you re-align it by hand/sight, please?

thank you!