The Meters - Soul Machine (Instrumental)

The world is full of great drum breaks but this one right here is the one for me. It's ripped from a Josie Records 7" reissue which comes as a part of this box set. I used to think this was an OG Meters tune but than I heard cand got confused. The two cuts are almost identical and they have more in common than you might know. I'm not gonna cover the issue but if you're interested, check out Home Of The Groove's in-depth article on the topic. The blog contains A LOT of information about the New Orleans funk scene.

The Meters - Soul Machine [320 kbps, DivShare]

EDIT: A dead link replaced with a working DivShare link.


Disco D said...


It's a shame Warner Stratgeic Music Marketing didn't release any of these instrumentals on CD. My Linn Sondek has now been sold!

Hopefully, someone will do a nice FLAC rip of the Funk 45's box set soon :)

Victor said...

That is a massively sick drum beat, heaven's to Betsy...

jivesamba@gmail.com said...

The link seems to be broken :(

Milton Van Houten said...

A fresh DL link added to the blog post.