Prince - Little Red Corvette (Dance Remix)

I just realized that I haven't shared a single tune from Prince. I decided I should correct this mistake right away by sharing Little Red Corvette or to be more exact the 12" dance remix which picks up things from the point where the album cut fades out. Littel Red Corvette was Prince's first top ten hit back in 1982.

I got an embarrassing confession to make; as a kid listening to this, I actually thought this song was about a red high performance sports car. Well, I suppose it was better that I didn't fully understand the symbolic meaning of little red corvette at such a tender age.


PURE P said...

WICKED blog man! Much appreciated!

Disco D said...

Got this version on cd single and 12in. A classic, for sure.

Also, the chord sequence/bassline has been the "inspiration" (albeit slightly modified to make it legal!) for such tracks as varied as:

Stevie Nicks "Stand Back",
Cyndi Lauper "Time After Time",
Madonna "Dress You Up", &
Fergie "Glamorous"