D'Angelo appreciation

I have never liked the term neo-soul but if I would use it D'Angleo would be the king of the genre. Brown Sugar is easily the best album of the neo-soul movement. I'm sure you're aware of his situation. He really hit rock bottom but it seems that he's tightening up his game. His last studio album Voodoo came out in 2000 and every one has been expecting something from him ever since and now there's info that the new album should be out soon with collaborations with Prince, Raphael Saadiq and Mark Ronson. D'Angelo will be doing some touring as well in the summer. It will be interesting to see in which condition his amazing voice is and also to see how's his physical condition that used to be quite impressive. Spanish Joint is my favorite cut from Voodoo and and the other track is a great remake of I Found My Smile.

D'Angelo - Spanish Joint [320 kbps, direct link]


theo said...

man, i sure hope the man gets his shit together. such an incredible voice. d'angelo and maxwell...definitely the smoothest neo-soul voices.

Anonymous said...

Voodoo is a great album. Look forward to his comeback.
Another case of Prince working with a "damaged" legend.