King Tutt - You Got Me Hung Up

I'm pretty excited because I found a good deal for You Got Me Hung Up 7" by King Tutt (not to be confused with Bmore DJ King Tutt). It's an excellent piece of soulful boogie/disco from 1979 that I've been looking for a while. Well, it's not as rare as the 12" version. I've seen that one trading for 4 figures.

Usually I don't blog about tunes that I don't own but since I'm so stoked about getting a copy of this, I'll share a file with you. I don't have a good quality rip of the 7" version at hand but here's the slightly edited long version that appears on The Soul Of Disco.

King Tutt - You Got Me Hung Up [320 kbps, DivShare]

EDIT: A dead link replaced with a working DivShare link.


johan said...

this is some serious heat right here. keep it coming. WORD.

Anonymous said...

this link sucks my ballllllssss

Milton Van Houten said...

If the dead link sucked your balls, let's hope that a working DivShare link goes all the way to your perineum. Enjoy!