Harvey K-Tel - Boops Apocalypse

I've been mad busy lately and things will continue like that for some time. I'll try to keep updating the blog but you might not hear from me as often as before. Anyways, I got something for you for the weekend. Two great reggae blends/edits from a UK-based producer Harvey K-Tel. These tunes were released last summer on a 7" by Music For The People but I think you can still find it somewhere. Boops Apocalypse comes highly recommended. It takes elements from the live version of Woman Of The Ghetto and backs up the vocals with a solid reggae rhythm. Niceness.

Harvey K-Tel - Boops Apocalypse [320 kbps, direct link]


Anonymous said...

More music on this label here:
Music For The People

Anonymous said...

Wicked Tune!!

Big Ed Dunkel said...

Man, that is sweet. "You Make Me Feel So Good" played preferably at HIGH VOLUME! I said God damn!