Beatconductor appreciation

Southside Break Crew, Beatconductor, Beatfanatic, Jazzconductor, Discoconductor, Southside Connection... Ture Sjöberg has aliases for every occasion but the common denominator of his multifaceted work is fresh, high quality tunes. Here's a couple of my favorite joints from a few years back that I've been feeling lately.

Southside Connection - Make No Mistake (...To The Disco) [320 kbps, direct link]

Southside Break Crew - Freshest Jam [320 kbps, direct link]

EDIT: Download links removed upon request


Andreas said...

Great stuff. Thanks

Joe Smith said...

Man I love The Freshest Jam.. Used to play it all the time.. Do you know the name of the tune he sampled? I once heard it while digging around on youtube but when I went to find it again I couldn't remember the title or the artistt! After hearing the original this kind of reminded me of a Greg Wilson re edit.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great stuff!!
You made my day!!
Thanks a lot..