Family Tree - Family Tree (Norman Cook Disco Edit)

It's been over two weeks since my last post and I'm honestly sorry about that. I really hate blogs that don't get updated often enough but I've been mad busy with all sorts of new things in my real life. Yes, I actually do have a real life outside the interwebs.

I'm back but only to give you a little treat before I head out but I'll promise to come by more often. What we have here is a great edit of Family Tree, a rare classic that's big in the northern soul scene. The edit is done by Norman Cook (a.k.a. Fatboy Slim) and it came out in 2001 with the original cut on the flipside of the 12".


Anonymous said...

my friend this is amazing. do you have more gems like this? def gonna work this into my disco set

Andreas said...

Welcome back, and thank you for this great track. It's going to make a dancefloor in Copenhagen happy tonight

Anonymous said...

i am SO GLAD you posted this track - i used to have it on wax, but couldn't remember what the actual version was and have been frantically searching through various versions of Family Tree for this exact mix. so crucial.