O.V. Wright - Let's Straighten It Out

For me Let's Straighten It Out is THE song when it comes to bluesy southern soul. It's one of the many great cuts on O.V. Wright's album The Bottom Line (1978). Some would say that the sound of Hi Records was losing a bit of it's tightness during the late 70's but this album is solid gold from start to finish. I find it to be the strongest release of the label in late 70's. O.V. Wright's collaboration with the late great Willie Mitchell works perfectly on the album. The result is not as sexy and slick as with Al Green/Willie Mitchell collaborations but it's equally soulful and somehow a lot more intense and powerful.

On top of this one being a favorite southern soul tune, it's been sampled by RZA on one of my all time favorite Wu Tang beats.


herb said...

ov wright is the man. classic shit right here. look at that album cover. such a cool cat.

mad respect for sharing this.

Dave Quam said...

Thank you so much for posting this, i lost this song in my hard drive crash

ov wright is my FAVORITE and my girls favorite too, I owe you, email me