The Joneses - Summer Groove

I have a vicious and a persistent flu and I'm on bed rest for the fifth day now. I have already watched all five seasons of The Wire and at the moment I'm sitting at home watching snow fall. The amount of snow over here is so overwhelming that it makes the upcoming summer feel as a vague, distant dream.

To make things worse, I've been watching Helsinki 78-82's newish music video. It captures all the best features of summer in Helsinki: long sunny days, bikes, beer and good music. Such a feel good video (produced by Flatlight Films) and a killer tune (released by Top Billin).

To make things even worse, I started to compile a playlist of all the best summer tunes. Summer Groove by The Joneses is most definetly on the list.

Enjoy the winter and keep yourselves warm.

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Le Sargistanais said...

Hy Milton,

Boogie Banger is on top

Keep Sounding!