Bill Withers - You Got The Stuff

Hopefully you are aware that at the moment there's a re-issue of Bill Withers incredibly funky disco version of You Got The Stuff available at certain quality record stores. The original is way too expensive (at least for me) so go and find a copy of the limited repress because You Got The Stuff has one the deepest and funkiest breakdowns ever recorded.

I'm sure you know that DJ Harvey & Gerry Rooney did a great edit of You Got The Stuff back in early 90's. It's the opening track of their massive Free Range EP. I'm also sure that some of you don't think it's nothing special, just a break looping over and over but I've always had a weak spot for everything related to Black Cock Records so bear with me.


Price Breakers Plus Sizes said...

i'm with you on the harvey mix. fantastic.

the saucer people said...

Huge thanks for sharing the Bill Withers 'You Got Stuff' disco mix and you are spot on about getting the reissue given the fact its the same track on both sides of the original release (with copies ranging from 30-100 Euros on Discogs!).

Hard to believe the Harvey edit is 15 years old! At a time when everyone was either going "Brit-Pop" or "Drum & Bass" crazy, he was quitely laying down the kind of sonic templates that had to wait another ten years or so for a wider audience to emerge....for me the real thing that distinguishes someone like Harvey/Kevorkian/Gibbons/Moulton et al from the rest of the Djs is there ability to grasp that sometimes less is more and the Bill Withers edit is a shining example of this philosophy, utter genius.

Whats kinda ironic is the fact a mint copy of the Free Range EP can go for more than the Bill Withers original! (though it has been re-released for a reasonable price)

For anyone interested in hearing the whole EP (including the genius Cookie Monster edit!) here is a link (only in 128 but pretty clear sound no pass needed)


After sharing such a great rip I always think its important to contribute rather than treat blogs like some freakin' free Itunes ;)