Lisa Richards - Hooked On Your Love

Patrick Adams has written and produced tons of amazing music over the years but for some reason the rare and underrated Hooked On Your Love by Lisa Richards has always had special place in my heart. Seven minutes of boogie goodness with extremely strong vocals. The original 12" maxi released by Special K Records is rather hard to find but if you don't mind re-presses this might be a good buy since it comes with another great boogie joint on the flipside.

Lisa Richards - Hooked On Your Love [320 kbps, DivShare]


The Don said...

God damn this is good, mind blowing good. You're the man.

Anonymous said...

Wow, digging deep! Love this record, I think I have it still buried somewhere. Bought it when it came out, forgot it was Patrick Adams. Similar to Deodato's Are You For Real, but a bit more lo fi in the production.

Reminds me of another underground favorite at the time, mixed by Marley Mar