Melba Moore - Take My Love

Damn, this jam has been long forgotten but since re-discovering it today, I've been playing it on repeat. Such a strong boogie banger but what else can you expect when you combine a track written and arranged by Kashif, one of the greatest producers/pioneers of boogie, with really strong and soulful vocals by Melba Moore. Take My Love can be found on Moore's album What A Woman Needs (1981) and as a maxi single. Both should be inexpensive and easy to find.

If you're feeling Take My Love, make sure to check out DJ B.Cause's excellent edit of Love's Comin' At Ya, another Melba Moore boogie gem produced by Kashif. Get it from Diamonds In The Dust.

Melba Moore - Take My Love [320 kbps, DivShare]


sami-setä said...

melba moore so like for the win, almost all the way.

even though the b.cause edit of love's comin' at ya is strong i prefer the original - edit misses some essential vocal parts.

verystupidhead said...

Great mate love Melba Moore RnB n Gospel too ....don't got this track...do now cheers !!

Milton Van Houten said...

The original version of Love's Comin' At Ya definitely FTW!!!

OOFT! Rework is also worth checking out -> soundcloud.com/aliooft/melba-moore-loves-comin-at-ya-ooft-rework

Anonymous said...

this is a freakin' jam. fo sho!