Clarence & Leon - The Message

I've have played The Message by Clarence & Leon on repeat for quite a while so I had to come by and share this fantastic soulful, inevitably grooving joint from Disco Demands Volume Four. Too bad I don't know anything about the act except that their instrumentation is top notch and the groove is there and it takes you for a good ride. I'm assuming the tune has been edited/extended by Al Kent but it's just a wild guess. If you know better, please educate me.

Clarence & Leon - The Message [320 kbps, DivShare]


Linda Clifford - Never Gonna Stop

Never Gonna Stop is such a sweet and deep groove with great vocals by always so beautiful Linda Clifford. Plus it's a classic sample (2Pac, Nas, ...) and the album is packed with quality Curtom soul and disco joints so I can't understand how have I survived so long without the album. Well, today morning I found a decent quality copy at a local fleamarket for 1 €. Though the record isn't rare or expensive, I was smiling the whole way back home so I would say it's the best buy of the year so far.


Bill Withers - You Got The Stuff

Hopefully you are aware that at the moment there's a re-issue of Bill Withers incredibly funky disco version of You Got The Stuff available at certain quality record stores. The original is way too expensive (at least for me) so go and find a copy of the limited repress because You Got The Stuff has one the deepest and funkiest breakdowns ever recorded.

I'm sure you know that DJ Harvey & Gerry Rooney did a great edit of You Got The Stuff back in early 90's. It's the opening track of their massive Free Range EP. I'm also sure that some of you don't think it's nothing special, just a break looping over and over but I've always had a weak spot for everything related to Black Cock Records so bear with me.


Lisa Richards - Hooked On Your Love

Patrick Adams has written and produced tons of amazing music over the years but for some reason the rare and underrated Hooked On Your Love by Lisa Richards has always had special place in my heart. Seven minutes of boogie goodness with extremely strong vocals. The original 12" maxi released by Special K Records is rather hard to find but if you don't mind re-presses this might be a good buy since it comes with another great boogie joint on the flipside.

Lisa Richards - Hooked On Your Love [320 kbps, DivShare]


Soul Village - Everybody Loves The Sunshine

It's the first warm and sunny spring day over here after a long and snowy winter and damn it feels good. I have opened my road cycling season, done some spring cleaning and enjoyed a bottle of good white wine. It doesn't get any better than this.

This calls for a laid back song that sounds perfect during a sunny afternoon That would be for example Soul Village's great cover version of Roy Ayers classic summer anthem Everybody Loves The Sunshine. It's taken from their first release put out by Melting Pot Music's sublabel Jazz Makossa back in 2004. It's perfect for the occasion, a lazy jazzy sound that blends with the spring breeze coming from the balcony.


Bliss - Groovin' (On A Love Song)

I'm back from a well deserved, long holiday with a great rare disco cut Groovin' On A Love Song by Bliss. It's a sweet uptempo groover released only as a single by City View Records in 1982 without an album release.

The band is not to be confused with Bliss from the same era responsible for such great rare bangers as Stomp and Fun nor with a southern soul act also titled Bliss behind an awesome uptempo soul cut Move It (To Another Side).