Lenny Williams - Choosing You

The title track of Lenny Williams' third solo album Choosing You is a huge favorite of mine. A great soulful uptempo disco joint that has an excellent breakdown and a superb bassline. The same version of Choosing You can be found as a 12" single but I would go for the album. It's inexpensive but packed with quality tunes produced by a Motown legend Frank Wilson. A nice set of smooth soul (for example Problem Solver) and a bit funkier uptempo tunes all bringing the attention to the excellent and versatile voice of the ex-Tower Of Power lead singer.

Lenny Williams - Choosing You [320 kbps, DivShare]

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Eddie House said...

I LOVE me some Lenny Williams. He still be sanging to this day. He performs often at the music in the park festivities here in the Bay Area. You also can't go wrong with Tower Of Power! Thanks for the tune!